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Jackass Hill has long held a spot of prominence in the Littleton area. Not only for its historic connection but also its scenic overlook of the South Platte River valley. It was the sun setting over this majestic valley, tucking away behind the stoic peaks of the Colorado Rockies, that captured the imagination of the founders of Jackass Hill Brewery. The founders are Littleton's childhood friends: Pat Somers, Chuck and Roseanne Thenell, Kevin Miller, and their Colorado friend, Jeff Bennett. After building a house at the top of Jackass Hill 24 years ago, Pat would invite friends and family over to enjoy the view. It was sitting out on his front porch on Jackass Hill Road, with a cold beer in hand, watching the last sunbeams turn to dusk with friends and family, that Pat dubbed his front porch Jackass Hill Brewery.



About 7 years ago, with a creative mind and entrepreneurial spirit, Pat decided to create some T-shirts to celebrate the many years of creating great moments at “Jackass Hill Brewery”. Already in the apparel business, Pat was able to create some T-shirts with the fun Jackass Hill Brewery logo.  Although initially, the T-shirts were intended to be tongue-in-cheek for friends and family, others in the community were asking for them. Pat has been selling these “brewery” T-shirts at local Littleton events, including booths at Western Welcome days. In the more recent years, his friends & fellow T-shirt owners kept ribbing him about it, “Hey, when ya going to open that Jackass Hill Brewery?”…. Now is the time!


Jackass Hill Brewery is a celebration of that beautiful spot on the hill, its history and the owners’ family roots in the Littleton community. And of course, a love for great craft beer and belief that beer celebrates memorable moments with friends and family. 


The Brewer

Brian Reinecke


Brian Reinecke has been making beer since 1993, first as a home brewer, then commercially starting in 1995 in the Kansas City area. In Kansas City, He was an integral part in the start-up and growth of several successful local brew pubs and personally trained some of Kansas City’s most respected brewers. Along the way, he collected a few GABF medals and honed his love of creative recipe development. In the close to 20 years that Brian has been in Colorado, he has gathered a few more GABF medals and has had fulfilling positions with such great names as Mountain Sun, Southern Sun and Vine Street. In the last 10 years, the next logical career move seemed to be taking a step into production brewing, seeing Breckenridge Brewery through its growth and expansion and then with Sleeping Giant, a contract brewery whose focus is supporting the growth of smaller craft breweries. While production brewing has given him some valuable experience in quality control, lab procedures, and the like; Brian has missed the creative intimacy that comes with small scale brewing. Enter Jackass Hill Brewery! It is with great excitement that Brian brings his 25+ years of brewing experience and passion to the Jackass Hill Team. Starting from the ground up with Jackass Hill reminds him of his roots. Creatively expressive beer, locally sourced ingredients, a flexible and ever evolving beer menu and a connection with the people drinking your beer-these are the reasons Brian is calling Jackass Hill home. I look forward to creating a long relationship with the community involved in creating Jackass Hill Brewing and all those beer drinkers dedicated to keeping the doors open-Cheers!

Moose whole.jpg
Our Jackass: "Moose"


Moose is a 29-year old miniature donkey at the Longhopes Donkey Shelter that Jackass Hill Brewery is sponsoring. Moose is a wonderful animal who has had some rough goes through various adoptions, but we are thrilled that he has a forever home at Longhopes and are happy to contribute to his life!

Longhopes Donkey Shelter has been rescuing and rehabilitating donkeys for 20 years.  They have rescued over 1000 donkeys and have placed over 930 in adoptive homes.  For more information on this great organization visit:

Our Building Partners:

A big thanks to all the people that helped create our brewery and taproom.  Your creativity and skill have allowed Jackass Hill Brewery to become a reality.

Architect:  SHArchitecture, Denver CO

Designer:  Jacqueline Crane Designs, Denver CO

General Contractor:  Driftwood Builders, Larkspur, CO


E6 Engineering, Centennial, CO  

JCN Engineering, Wheat Ridge, CO 

Christopher Menges Engineering, Inc., Littleton, CO 

Arlington Electrical Services, Inc.

Salmon Plumbing

K & M Mechanical, Inc, Golden  CO 

AJ's Carpets, Colorado

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